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Lets Say Hi To New

Its always the ups and downs that we are going through and sometimes it just feels to give up everything and pack our bags and leave for a place unknown!

But can we actually do that?The answer is no for majority of the cases,right?So there is no particular way to get out of the depressed mindset and environment?

Its obvious that when you are sad you are not really willing to do anything but lets try a bit!

Come on,smile because you are going somewhere,yes you are!Surprised?

I am going to put a new idea for the people who really want to explore the world but cannot,we will have a time travel here!It may sound a bit unusual but lets just give it a try!Lets just imagine that we are solo travelling and lets just step out of the comfort zone!

Guys,here you can comment the places you want to go nd explore!Okay?So smile & get ready!We are heading towards the new journey!

See you all soon!

Heart wants

Hey everyone!!So it’s my first post out here.No don’t worry m not gonna bore you all with some article but just today I wanna connect to you people with an easy question.
What your heart wants?

We all are in some work..like jobs or study.Isnt it!But are we all doing the things we wanted to do from start?We all have some hidden ideas or passions.

So today tell me in the comment section about your passion.anything that your Heart wants…